Critter Single Adoptions


Critters for adoptions!  Woot!  This is where you'll find the odd pet who's not a cat, dog, or horse.  You never know what you'll find wondering around here looking for a new home.  It could be anything from a rat, to a fish, to a dragon.  Don't you need one of these crazy critters?  Sure ya do, so go to the Rules and Adoption Form and grab a critter!

Most petz were bred in Petz 5, but I will use PetFlux to convert the pet if you use Petz 3/4, so it no longer matters which version of the game you use!

I never tree trim my petz, but occasionally I do adopt trimmed petz.  If there is any trimming in their ancestry, it will be noted.




Sing-for-Death - Male - Sugar Glider
Breed file from Vickie's Petz Zoo required
1st Gen.  Hexed.

Hexed by Atara, a leftover from a litter she gave me to adopt out. Wicked little glider!




None at the moment! Check back later.


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RAWR I am a zombie!